The commodore tries to fly Solaria to a Fall Rendezvous.

About us

Over 1000 Catalina 42's have been built since 1988. Our International Association has over 350 members with members in Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Holland Australia and the UK. There are Fleets in California, New York, New England, Great Lakes, Florida, and the Chesapeake. Check the Fleet Captains' Roster for details. If you can recruit at least two other Catalina 42 owners, you can have your own Fleet.


There is always an instant and easy camaraderie among C-42 owners beyond the boats and cruising plans. Most of us have previously had one or more smaller boats, have been sailing a long time and have enjoyed other boating clubs. Your Fleet can be tailored to those needs and desires.


Purposes of the Association:

  • To enhance the enjoyment of owning a Catalina 42;

  • To disseminate information about modifications and upkeep;

  • To encourage and aid class racing, especially as cruisers;

  • To expand the subscription to the Mainsheet;

  • To support and enhance the market value of your Catalina 42.

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