The Catalina 42 Association is a non-profit organization of unpaid volunteers. It is through their dedicated work and support that we can achieve the OBJECTIVES of this Association. All of these efforts are aimed at helping one another and supporting the reputation and value of the Catalina 42.


The name of this organization shall be the CATALINA 42 INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION, hereinafter called the Association.


The Association shall:

A.    Promote harmonious relationships and good fellowship among owners, exchange information, and promote cruising and social activities at the local fleet, national and international levels; 

B.   Further the enjoyment of owning and sailing the Catalina 42;

C.   Ensure that members receive a quarterly newsletter or magazine relative to the Association;

D.   Promote the education for safe boating and provide a central information source for the maintenance and care of Catalina 42's;

E.   Assist owners of Catalina 42's to compete equally in class and cruisers racing;

F.    Support and advance the reputation and re-sale value of the Catalina 42.


A member is in good standing upon payment of the prescribed Association dues and may participate on all Association activities. His/her membership may be granted or suspended at any time by the Governing Board.

A.   A REGULAR MEMBER is a sole owner of a Catalina 42 or one who has at least a thirty percent (30%) financial interest in a Catalina 42 and is current with his/her Association dues. A REGULAR MEMBER shall have the privilege of holding office, racing in any sanctioned Catalina 42 race, and voting. The following exceptions apply to partial owners:

1. Only one part owner per Catalina 42 shall hold elected office in the Association at one time.

2. Only one vote per boat shall be allowed in all voting matters. 

B.    An ASSOCIATE MEMBER is a person who has an active interest in the welfare of the class. An Associate Member may not vote or hold office.


A.   The purpose of the Fleet is to foster and promote Catalina 42 activities at the local level and   encourage participation.

B.    A new fleet consisting of three or more Catalina 42's may be chartered upon application to the Governing Board by three or more owners. They must be members of the Association and not reside within the territory of any organized and chartered Catalina 42 Fleet.

C.   The Fleet must elect at least one officer, the Fleet Captain, and may elect other Fleet officers such as Secretary/Treasurer and Cruise Chairperson.

D.   A Fleet is self governing in all local matters not conflicting with the Associa­tion's Constitution and Bylaws and has the authority to accept or reject applications for Fleet membership.


The Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Secretary/Treasurer together with the immediate Past Commodore will form the Governing Board. Their terms of office shall be the calendar year commencing the first of January.

Duties of officers shall be as follows:

A.    COMMODORE - The Commodore is the Chief Executive of the Association. He/she shall preside at meetings, serve as chair of the Governing Board, rule on procedure and jurisdiction, summarize decisions, appoint special committees including the Mainsheet Editor, and authorize, with the approval of the Governing Board, all Association expenditures. He/she shall act as spokesperson for the Association and prepare notifications and publicity releases.

B.    VICE COMMODORE - The Vice Commodore shall officiate in the absence of the Commodore and assist all other officers.

C.    SECRETARY / TREASURER - The Secretary / Treasurer shall record the minutes of meetings, and maintain or supervise the maintenance of an accurate and current record of members, Fleets, Fleet Officers and registered owners of Catalina 42's. He/she shall maintain financial records and securities of the Association and deposit and disburse funds only on the order of the Commodore. He/she shall notify the membership of Special Events and Elections, send and receive ballots and publish the minutes of the Governing Board.

D.   In the event that an office is vacated for any reason, the Governing Board shall appoint a Regular Member in good standing to finish the remaining term of the office.

E.   The Board of Governors shall interpret the Constitution and Bylaws, conduct all business, determine the policies, and shall serve as the last court of appeal in disputes over the interpretation of those documents. The rulings of the Board of Governors shall be binding and final.   


To ensure that Officers shall be responsive to the desires of Association members, Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of those members responding to a written ballot mailed to their record address.

A.    The Governing Board shall serve as the Nominating Committee. Prior to the election, the Governing Board shall announce the nominations for Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary/Treasurer. Additional nominations may be made by written application by any three members within ten days. Such nominations shall be added to the nominations proposed by the Executive Committee, provided the nominees accept such nominations. The Secretary shall provide written ballots to be mailed to each regular member. Member ballots must be returned within thirty (30) days of distribution.

B.    The nominee for each office, receiving the majority of votes shall be declared the winner. Elected Officers shall take office the first day of January.


A.   The fiscal year of the Association shall run from January 1 through December 31.The Governing Board shall determine the Association dues. Members shall forward their annual dues to the Secretary/Treasurer, or designee, upon initial application or annual renewal. Payment of dues on or before their annual renewal date shall be the responsibility of each member.

B.   The Association shall not be liable for any debts contracted by its officers, Fleet officers, or members other than the expenditures authorized upon written order of the Commodore.

C.   The Governing Board shall have the power to contract for any of its business services and will review the contract annually for continuation, compensation, responsibilities and performance. All Governing Board members are expected to keep expenses to a minimum.

D.   The Association will reimburse for necessary expenses of the Officers and Committee members upon application to the Secretary/Treasurer. Outlays over $100, as well as, transportation and lodging expenses must be approved in advance.


Approval of Amendments to this Constitution and Bylaws, special assessments and special expenditures shall be determined by majority vote of the Regular members. Mailed ballots must be returned within 30 days of mailing or the ballots will not be counted.



Each year the Association may hold a series of races to select that year’s Catalina 42 Champion. The site and date of the Championship Races shall be selected by the Governing Board. Any Catalina 42 owner-member may charter another Catalina 42 for the championships if his or her own boat is not available for the series.




A.   The annual Meeting of each Fleet to elect officers shall be held no later than December 15th of each year, and the results of the election of Fleet Officers shall be filed with the Association Secretary/Treasurer no later than 30 days after such election.

B.   In January of each year, each Fleet must file a roster of members in the Fleet along with their respective addresses, phone numbers, hull numbers and berthing location

C.   Failure to comply with the requirements set forth in Sections A and B above may result in the suspension of that Fleet from the Association.

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