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Catalina 42 International Association


Note: This is the content of an email is being sent to all 292 current members of the Catalina 42 International Association, as well as those whose memberships lapsed in 2016. If you have a preferred email, or have sold your boat, please let us know.



2016 Officers

Commodore & Treasurer Ken Fischer

Vice Commodore Sonia Hurt

Secretary Ricki Teeter

Webmaster Greg Hurt

Mainsheet Editor Ken Fischer

Mainsheet Tech Editor Gene Fuller

Past Commodore Norm Perron


From the Commodore...

Ken Fischer

Solaria #906

Anacortes, WA


As the association has been fairly quiet over the last few years, some may be wondering just who and what we are. Here's a quick overview. The association exists to further enhance the enjoyment we get from our boats, by facilitating communication between members via the web, in-person meets, and publications such as Mainsheet Magazine and this newsletter.


The association is managed by an all-volunteer group of C42 owners at the national and regional levels. The only outsourced services we pay for are the publication of Mainsheet Magazine, the maintenance and billing of our dues via Nanosec Services, and our web hosting.


At the national level, officers are nominated and elected by the membership. The positions are Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary, and Treasurer. There are also national level appointed positions, which are Webmaster, Mainsheet Editor, Mainsheet Technical Editor, and Forum Moderator.


At the regional level, Fleet Captains are affirmed by the participating members of the region and recognized by the national organization.


Any member in good standing may hold one or several positions. The Association is actively recruiting members for all positions. Self nominations are welcome. Please consider contributing a small amount of your time to the group. See below for more on Elections.


Fellow Fleet 12 member Sonia Hurt recently expressed interest in helping with the association, so I appointed her to fill out the balance of the year as Vice Commodore. Sonia is a welcome addition to the board.




From the Vice Commodore...

Sonia Hurt

Comocean #382

Semiahmoo, WA


I’m a two fer. You get me in the bargain with my husband Greg or you get Greg with me – I’m not sure which it is. We’ve been active in our fleet since we first purchased Comocean in 2001. It’s our third. We started lake sailing on a C22, then moved up to a C25. Then there was the big jump to the 42 and the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound.


I’ve enjoyed organizing rendezvous over the past few years, helping mostly women learn new boating skills and writing articles for the Mainsheet. I look forward to taking on more responsibility within the fleet now. Greg has been busy updating our C42 website to make it fresh and interesting. He is especially interested in great photos of Catalinas doing what they do and people generally enjoying being on their boats.


It seems to me that everyone has a story in them and I will be reaching out whenever I sense I’ve encountered one. If something funny happens or you learn a valuable lesson please think of me and pass it along so we can share it with the C42 community.


We met Ken Fischer way back at the original meeting to organize our Fleet 12 in the Pacific Northwest. He and his pal Geoff have been friends ever since. I met Ricki Teeter (our secretary) and her husband, Bob, at one of our early Fleet 12 rendezvous. They keep their boat, Camelot, in the Semiahmoo Marina where we live on our boat Comocean. They have become some of our closest friends and I hate each fall when they return to their home in Idaho. Many of my best friendships have grown from meeting someone at a rendezvous. That’s a good part of the reason I am so enthusiastic about them!


I hope I can infect you with that same enthusiasm.



Treasurer's Report


Over the last few years, we've given current members two free years. This was done to reduce our bank balance, which had grown to exceed our future expenses to an inappropriate level.


We will begin billing for renewals again starting in January. Options remain the same: $25/one year, $45/two years, and $65/three years. PayPal is the preferred payment method, especially for members outside the US. You may also pay by check. Your membership fees pay for Mainsheet Magazine, secretarial services, and Internet providers for the C42 Forum and web site.



Secretary's Report

Ricki Teeter


Semiahmoo, WA


We continue to offer a free burgee to new members. Replacement burgees are available at cost for $20. Requests fulfilled for burgees this year are up to 33. If you were a new member in the last few years and did not receive a burgee, please contact Ricki at


Webmaster's Report

Greg Hurt

Comocean #382

Semiahmoo, WA


The “new” website has been up for seven months and is overdue for an update. The reactions I’ve received indicate either you love it or hate it. Thanks for the kind words and constructive criticism. Really, a web site is a constant work-in-progress. The new format relies on images, lotsa them! I need your pictures and any news or project descriptions you would be willing to share. Please send anything (even notes and doodles on napkins) to me at The most common communication regards the membership list. When I receive corrections to our member list I forward those to Ricki Teeter or the keeper of the subscription database. My job is just to sort the lists and create the PDF files that you can download from the site. The most recent update was in October and I have another to prepare now probably for publishing in November.


2017 Elections


Nominations are now open for all elected positions. Self nominations are welcome, so now is your chance to stand up and be heard! If you want to help, and are not sure how, just contact us and we will find a job for you. You may have noticed that all of the current officers are from the Pacific Northwest. If your zip code doesn't start with a '9', we're looking for you! Nominations can be sent to The nomination period will close on November 31st. If no offices are contested, the 2017 officers will be announced by the first of the year. If an election is needed, it will be conducted during December.





As you've likely noticed, the format of Mainsheet Magazine has shifted a bit over the last year. The focus in now on feature articles about trips and destinations, as well as expanded technical articles. As always, The content of Mainsheet is written by you, the boat owners. I am always fascinated by the stories our fellow owners share in person. Everyone reading this is an expert on something, or has a cruising or racing story to share. Please consider sharing your stories and photos with a broader Catalina audience. Mainsheet submissions are due quarterly on the first of March, June, September, and December. Currently, cruising articles go to Ken Fischer, and technical articles go to Gene Fuller.


Gene has indicated that he would like to pass the Tech Editor job to the next volunteer. We thank him for the excellent work he has done over the years. If you like to dig in the guts of your boat, this job may just be for you. Please contact to learn more about this appointed position.



Fleet News


Fleet 12 Puget Sound region is again planning a spring meet at Roche Harbor, WA. Last year, we welcomed Catalinas of all sizes to join, and it was a great success. Please contact Eric Sorensen if you are not receiving direct email updates, and would like to. His email is


Bob Daniell jumped in the other day looking to meet up with others in the Fleet 5 Chesapeake Bay region. Look for an upcoming email from Bob if you are in the region, or contact him directly at


Need help organizing a meeting in your region? Contact Sonia Hurt at

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