Hull 642 2-Cabin Improvements
By Steve Haas


I built and installed these teak grab rails on starboard side. They have to be cut to fit curve of cabin.  I like lots of things to hold on to when underway.

Another customer teak grab rail, this time on main cabin ceiling.

Magazine rack next to circuit breaker panel.

I installed two sliding drawers next to TV, above chart table. I was able to obtain matching drawer latches from Catalina. Great place to put small things without having to lift chart table top.

Draw opened

Folder boarding step. This is made from plywood and painted. With the hinges on each side, the step can fold up into small package.

Close up of boarding step, it is important to make profile closely match hull side. Top of each side hooks on top. Note rubber strip between  step sides and hull, this keeps step from moving when you put your weight on step.

Boarding step folded.

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