Technical Specifications

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This page contains the factory technical specifications for the Catalina 42 Mark I (per spec. sheet dated 2-11-91); Catalina Yachts has made changes in these models over the years (e.g., water tank locations and capacities). This page will be updated as more information is received by the Webmaster. For further details, please visit the homepage of Catalina Yachts.

Hull specifictions C-42.


                                               Fin Keel                                     Wing Keel

L.O.A.                               41' 10"                                   41' 10"

L.W.L.                                36' 0".                                    36' 0"

Beam                                 13' 10"                                 13' 10"

Draft6'                  8" (not 6'0" as previously specified)    4' 10"

Ballast                                8,300 lbs.                           8,300 lbs.

Designed Weight             20,500 lbs. (EST)       20,500 lbs. (EST)

Displacement/Length .        174.6                                   174.6

Hull Speed (calc'd)              7.8 knots                         7.8 knots


Sail Plan - Standard Rig C-42

Sail Area (rated)                             797 sq. ft.                      P 46' 9"

Mainsail (rated)                               362 sq. ft.                      I 53' 0"

100% Foretriangle                          435 sq. ft.                     J 16' 5"

Sail Area/Displacement                 18.56                            E 15' 6"

Waterline to Masthead Height         58' 7"

 see Polar diagram-140% Fin Keel      see  Polar diagram-155% Fin Keel

Standing Rigging

  • Double Spreaders, swept aft, with single intermediate and lower shrouds.

  • Forestay, Backstay, Lowers: 3/8" diameter, 7x19 stainless wire cable.

  • Halyards: Low-stretch rope/wire, led aft. Boom Vang: Solid, spring-loaded.

The Intact Stability Curve (above) is actually from Catalina Yachts, therefore is considered to be accurate. Please be aware, it is a calculated curve, and is based on a Catalina 42 (either Mark I or II, fin keel only) the way it leaves the Catalina facility. There has been some discussion on this curve, see our discussion group, currently:


C-425 specifications

These are preliminary specifications published by Catalina from their web site.

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